My current tank setup


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hey all!

i just wanted to show my new setup for my baby cresties (okay, maybe more juvies? they are about 5-6 months now, the smallest is 3,6gramms, the other two are 4,5 and 6,8 gr)
i know the tank isn't ideal, but i'm pretty sure it'll be alright for a while, until they grow and i can save up for a big, properly tall terrarium
there's cocofibre on the ground, along with some live moss (from a petstore), a bromelia and a... fern. i don't know what it's called in english, but it's safe for pets, even when eaten there's a heating lamp on one side, so it won't get too hot, but they can walk over there if they want to warm up
i kept one half of the tank mostly clear, so the little ones won't get lost and will have access to their little food dish (which isn't on the photos cause i took it out for cleaning)
in the plastic box, i'm keeping my mealworm pupae
i think that's fine, too, they can't harm the little geckos and they're warm and safe from escaping in there
i tried introducing a few small hides, but the buddha nut thing started growing mold and everything else was just ignored
they seem to love just hanging out between the bromelia leaves, so i guess that's fine for now :)

close-up of the "main living area" (all geckos are in this shot, though hidden in the plants)

the mealworm pupae box and "empty" side

the whole thing, atop of my leopard gecko tank

p.s. i forgot to mention, i put a handful of dendrobena earth worms and a couple Trichorhina tomentosa in as well, to help keep stuff healthy in there (i picked them out of my achatina snail tank, where they've been doing awesome work)


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