my fat tail lizard has a problem shed plz help

dereck perkins

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my fat tail has a problem shed i think it just shed and the dead skin stayed at the end of her tail she is an adult and the skin titend up and i soaked her in warm water for 15-20 min. and it did not help at all i tried rubbung it off after i soaked her and nothing happend if the skin dosent come off can she lose her tail and can it kill her plz help i dont wont her to die or lose her tail thanks :(


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Try upping the humidity inside the cage. Get some wet sphagnum moss in there or even a wet/damp towel. The increased moisture in the air should help her complete the shed.

dereck perkins

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i do mist the cage 2 times a day alredy and keep it moist and have the damp paper towls and nothing helped i always have moist paper towles and spray the cage 2 times a day so i dont know why she hasent shed all the way sceens its on the tail can her tail fall off


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Put her in a container and bring her in the bathroom and then take a long really really really hot shower that humidity will get it off. Then take a q tip and gently rub her skin should do the trick.

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