My geckos!


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My crested geckos bioactive tank is almost finished just waiting on my snake plant and I finally got my three tank stand for my two Leo’s and my Pac-Man frog ! It looks amazing . Update on my rescue leo bones (sunglow morph he has went from 20 g to 48!) if anyone wants to know how I built it leave a message :) 48057BF2-766A-442D-837C-C6E7F4BB86C2.jpeg 94131D7A-73BE-493C-817A-841C8D876A8C.jpeg AF32FA17-ED56-47E9-B287-5A85E859BC7D.jpeg D4425A1A-1AA3-4238-89F9-AC2101D4CE8A.jpeg 125A6485-8709-4EC2-80AB-C9B9AF941B6A.jpeg 87E6F465-A4E3-4026-95DB-B05CF0AAF6D9.jpeg F654DFD8-730A-4706-A080-05927A989310.jpeg 87616316-E9C0-4B14-9271-DA59E527C258.jpeg 6F368C1E-3E58-4C30-B501-6638E9FA67ED.jpeg F7F25946-C6B0-49B9-B863-1019CC2512F2.jpeg AEF2622E-4775-4DF1-AF3F-4CB2176160F6.jpeg

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