My little leopard gecko


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I have a question about my gecko.
I have been asking many pages relating to gecko/reptiles without any answer.
So my question is my gecko small or younger than I was told.
I got my gecko almost 1 month ago now.
When I purchased from reliable reptile store on 7th july .I was told it was a montanus leopard gecko and is aged almost 2months old. So that should make it age almost 3months old now.
Personally I think it still looks small and weighs less than the expected 3month old.
It weight 16g and is 13cm long.
it looks and is acting healthy enough I'm just curious of it size .
I have added a picture of it. First picture was a week after I got it and second picture was took yesterday
Also it eats great.
general eats 5mealworm a day
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The most important thing is that it's growing. There's great variety in leopard gecko juvenile sizes. When I was breeding, my heaviest leopard gecko at the age of 3 months was 51 grams (!) and my lightest one was 7 grams. Those weights are really outliers. Your gecko looks as if it's grown well in the last month. You can see from the earlier picture that the bands had started to turn into spots so it's likely the gecko had already shed a few times before you got it. It's quite possible it was nearly 2 months when you bought it but there's no way to know for sure.