my new garg & done questions!


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Finally got my first garg, I was at +++++ and couldn't help myself. I've been in love with these guys for months and finally got one! Although I would prefer to get my next one a breeder, this new gal/guy that I got from +++++ seems healthy! It even eats the fruit mix out of my hand hehe. My cat purrs like mad whenever the gecko is around, and thankfully he's gentle and only sniffs it occasionally! The gecko was pure white when I got it, but since we left the store it has had a sort of striped/reticulate color? There's some orange spots on the tail and if you look closely in some of the photos, you can see yellow in it as well! What would the morph be?

I have read much about sexing them but I'm having a horribly difficult time. I just wanna give this gecko a cool name, but I don't want to pick a name that sticks and have it not match the gender! Check out my attachments to see photos and help me figure out the gender of this thing lol! I feel guilty calling it an it all the time.

Below are some general photos of my new gecko!

and now below here are a few photos I tried getting of its underside, help me guess a gender?

Let me know what you think regarding sex, age, and morph!

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I don't really know anything about garg morphs. if they're anything like cresteds the sex is difficult and sometimes impossible to determine until they're over 25g. Once over 25g its REALLY obvious as boys have junk in their trunk and girls don't. As for age, its almost impossible to determine as growth is based on nutrition, temperature, and stress. Similarly sized animals can be very different ages depending on their environment and care.


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Welcome to GF! Nice looking garg. I don't think gargs have as many specific pattern/morph names as leopard geckos, but here are some basics:
--most gargs are either striped (stripes running from head to tail) or "reticulated" (wavy pattern); what seems to me like a variation on reticulated is "blotched", which is just what it sounds like. Yours looks reticulated
--Gargs and crested geckos usually have 2 color phases (in the same gecko): "fired down" when at rest, where they usually look pastel (like in your first picture) and "fired up" when they're active or agitated,which is what yours looks like in the other pictures.
--most people seem to talk about garg colors/morphs in terms of the pattern (stripe, reticulated, blotched), the base color (I'd go with yellow in your case) and the highlighting colors (like, some of them fire up bright red though they are gray and pink when fired down. I can't really tell with yours).
--for some reason, most gargs are female. So far I'm going with "female" for yours.