Need Advice on response to Craigslist Ad


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The reason I joined: I found two craigslist ads for re-homing fully grown leopard geckos. The husbandry is Awful!! Definitely neglectful! Both are set up with only 1 hide (in the middle of the enclosure) in a 5 gallon tank, no water bowl to be found in the pictures. No other decor, no other form of entertainment! One has an okay substrate (looks like Zilla's brown cage liner). The other is on..Calcium sand! I was planning on getting a leo in December, to give me time to fully set up the space and to save money for other necessities (insurance and procuring a vet), but I'm honestly so worried about the health of these critters. What do I do!?!


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Somerville, MA
Don't take them just because you feel sorry for them because they could be sick and your first experience will not be a good one. Also, if you're researching because you want a particular kind of leopard gecko in terms of looks, I don't think it makes sense to take something you're not interested in. The number of leopard geckos out that that need care and attention is staggering.
If you decide you're interested in them, get 2 appropriate enclosures (keep them separate), set them up and find a reptile vet to take them to for an initial checkup. Be sure to have them screened for general parasites and also for crypto (2 separate tests). Be prepared that they may be fine with a change in husbandry and more feeding, but also may die. If they look really skinny with stick tails, please don't take them. They will not only break your heart, but also, if they have crypto, all the stuff you bought for them will now be potentially contagious

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