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I'm setting up a 55 for my Leo and it will be bio active as I grow cacti and succulents. The base layer of substrate is meduium sized pebble for drainage, then soil, then sand and pea pebbles for the top layer. This will not only be a heavy tank but having to uproot plants is a drag. I was thinking of putting my heat pad on piece of floor tile between the first layer and the soil. There is little chance of the pad ever getting wet as in bulb water my plants. I'll also have Blue Death Feigning Beetles in with her/him dunno yet its still pretty young. Hoping its female and I can add another down the road or maybe add one now and hope for the best. I run 4 T5 grow bulbs that I can regulate the temp and living in Arizona humidity isnt a problem. My tank runs a between 30 -40.


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I'd worry a little about the pea pebbles due to the possibility of them being swallowed. I had a gecko with a small dish of pebbles and she broke her jaw chomping down on it. You could experiment to see about heat conductivity if you install the heat element on the outside bottom of the enclosure. I'd recommend ZooMed heat cable (at least the 25' size, maybe the next one up) so you can move it around without having to commit to sticking it somewhere. Here are some Gecko Time articles about a bioactive leopard gecko enclosure. The person who wrote them does keep the beetles as well. If you do a search of the forums here, you may find some of her posts:



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I was planning on cable and zip tieing it to the tiles. That will give me the ability to manipulate positioning. I could go the next size up to river rock maybe. Must meditate on these possibilities.

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