New Leopard Gecko Morphs?


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Bought a male to service my two females...IMG_1059.JPG


It doesn't show up well here, but there is also a faint white stripe down the middle of his dorsal.

I put him in temporary digs until he gets out of quarantine. He was quite freaked out because apparently the shipper shipped to the wrong address, and I followed up with the seller, who apologized, but won't comp me the 2 hours I had to go out of my way for. So poor guy was at the shipping center longer than planned and then I had to wait for the bus, which I patently didn't want to do, because the temperatures are extreme at that particular shipping location. And the bus makes lots of loud noises and is a lot more jerky... so he's really freaked out. I feel bad for him. He's so freaked out that he hasn't used any of the hides I put in for him.

I decided to name him Shekar, though, after another Indian Scientist, Shekar Dattatri. He worked with snakes, but I couldn't find a Leopard Gecko Herpetologist on the list. For shame. ;)

He matches my other Leopard Gecko fairly well (except for the whitish line down his back) Alice. Similar temperaments too.