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Ghoulish Geckos
I had a sale fall through, so I'm offering up these geckos again. Shipping will be done as soon as it warms up (hopefully less than a month). 20% down will hold geckos. Please see my website for terms. The adult females should be getting ready to ovulate soon. All are best offer. I may be interested in partial trades. I will give discounts if you purchase more than one gecko. The more you buy, the better the price will be. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted. PM or e-mail [email protected] for info.

Bundy $200
Hypo Snow Enigma het Tremper Male
Proven Breeder eating Dubias

Endora $125
Hypo Snow Female purchased from JMG, no known hets
Proven Breeder eating Dubias

Cruella $75
Mack Snow het Tremper female
Proven Breeder eating mealworms

Take all three above for $350 Shipped!

Mimi $150
Female Eclipse poss het Tremper from SF Geckos
Never been bred, rtb, eating dubias

Sidney $150
Female Eclipse poss het Trempr from Bryan Jett
Never been bred, eating dubias

Akasha $75
Female Enigma het Raptor from Garden State
Never been bred, eating dubias
does have some head tilt, striking issues (pm for more info)

Orsova $150
Female Eclipse poss het Tremper from SF Geckos
Never been bred, rtb, eating Dubias

Kale $150
Eclipse poss het Tremper Male
eating mealworms

Kale's Brother $125
Eclipse poss het Tremper Male
eating mealworms

Sylvia $75
Female Afghan
eating mealworms

unsexed afghan $75
eating mealworms

I do have a few other young males for sale. They are in another ad, but you can also pm or e-mail for pictures and prices.
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Ghoulish Geckos
This week only: Save 20% off all geckos!

Trades I'm interested in: ball pythons, fattails, cave geckos, thermostats, and leopard geckos (blood hypo combos, a very nice bold stripe female, or sub-species/combos. the only albino I work with is trempers (eclipse and raptorss).

Kale is sold!

Take all the geckos in this ad for $800 shipped!!! Add Eben for $100 more!
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