1. Harbor Reptiles


    Working closely with some top breeder, working with a scientist, and a veterinarian on certain “things” to help with neurological symptoms associated with ES. So far going very very well!!!! A couple have turned right around and living healthy, happy, normal lives!!!!! Next year depending on...
  2. Harbor Reptiles

    Mack enigma and snowglow enigma

    So in the last 5 years I’ve had Enigmas I’ve jotted down notes and in the last 3 years of breeding I’ve made some very interesting hypothesis! It’s nowhere near a conclusion, but I’ve teamed up with a couple other breeders working on some similar theories. And between their ideas and mine, there...
  3. Harbor Reptiles

    New here!

    Hey there! My name is Ashlynne! I’ve been breeding for about 5 years now. Although more because I used to breed BP. I’ve been heavily and extensively researching Enigmas. I’ve been working with enigmas for about 3 years now. Started with a very expensive boy who was a 4th generation enigma with...
  4. T

    Enigma Syndrome?

    I picked up my leopard gecko from the pet store a couple of days a go, they said she had a funny walk but said they had a reptile expert check her over and think that she’s fine. Now I’ve had her home a few days, I’ve noticed her walk is very strange and it’s taken me one google search to find...
  5. Deko Gecko

    2019 Super Nova 100% Het. Diablo Blanco (Female)

    Female DOB:07/29/2019 Reduced Pattern! 100% Full Red Ruby eyes! Excellent for any Diablo Blanco project. Dreamsicle X MS Diablo Blanco pair. PowerHouse! - Eclipse, Tremper, Enigma, MackSnow 100% Het. Blizzard $200.00 + ShippingReady to ship!
  6. Deko Gecko

    2017 Dreamsicle (Male) - 250.00 + Shipping/

    For Sale! Proven breeder Male Bought From - GeckoEct. (Steve Sykes) 2017 Full Red Ruby Eyes Great Breeder. Ready to Ship! Power House! - MackSnow / Tremper / Eclipse / Enigma! 250.00 + Shipping/ - Paypal
  7. LG12 Superblood.jpg

    LG12 Superblood.jpg

  8. CHEE future breeder

    CHEE future breeder

    My new breeder a perfect CHEE
  9. LBsLeos

    Beautiful TUG Snow Enigma baby! TSF

    I have 1 TUG Snow Enigma baby available for $125 shipped. She was hatched 5/14/16 and is shedding and feeding on mealworms very well. She is ready for a new home. The parents are TUG Tangerine Enigma and TUG Snow. She is temp sexed female.
  10. Blister

    1.2 Snow Raptor group

    I have a gorgeous male Raptor possible Mack Raptor, a BEE het for Tremper (Black eyed Enigma), and a Super Snow Tremper female. All are between 25-35 grams, all born 2012. $250 shipped to lower 48. I accept PayPal only please, and ship FedEx priority overnight through SYR. Any questions...
  11. Kristi23

    Enigma, Eclipse, W/Y

    Only one of these geckos is big enough to ship right now, but I can either hold them with a deposit/payment or deliver to the Tinley show Saturday. Please e-mail with questions and see my website for tos. I will take offers and will give deals when you purchase multiple geckos. Don't miss out...
  12. Blister

    Male Novas, Enigma Raptors

    Four beautiful male geckos for sale. First Nova has a regenerated tail $90, second one is perfect $100, and two Aptor Enigma het for Raptor males $75 each. Discounts on multiple or group purchases and shipping through SYR runs about $50. Email me with any questions at [email protected]...
  13. Thorgecko707


  14. Thorgecko707


  15. Double D

    Male Enigma het RAPTOR

    I have an enigma het raptor male for sale. He is a proven breeder. I bought him from a member on this forum a couple years back. Can't remember the members name though. He feeds on superworms. I have got out of the breeding scene. I've gotten rid of all my breeders but this guy. He hasn't been...
  16. Kristi23

    2011 leopard geckos, new ones added

    Shipping is additional. If you spend $300 or more, shipping is free. I will give discounts when multiple animals are purchased. Please feel free to make me offers. PM or e-mail for more info. All pictures are taken with flash (a few may be a bit washed out). Babies are eating mealworms...
  17. Kristi23

    Gecko Forums Only Sale Free Geckos

    I'm only giving these prices to gf members. Sale will end Sept 9th. There are 20 geckos listed in my ad below. I have a few more babies and some adult females that would be included. Let me know what you're looking for. Buy 1 Get 2 Free Buy 2 Get 5 Free Buy 20 babies for $550...
  18. Kristi23

    The Last Four~Buy One Get One Free!

    Shipping is extra thru fed-ex or ups. Please see my website for terms of sale. PM or e-mail for more info. Eben $200 OBO Male Eclipse poss het Tremper Eating mealworms, one of my nicest ever Super Snow Enigma poss het Tremper $100 OBO Male, has enigma striking issues (e-mail for...
  19. Strikerboy

    Dreamsickle, Nova, MS Raptor, Enigma

    Moving some of beauties! A smoking hot female Dreamsickle. Really white with minimal spotting. Eating superworms, dubia roaches and mealworms. She has a great appetite. Hatch: 2/23/11 Weight: 23g ID# 1001B Price: $200 + Shipping A lovely Female Mack Snow Raptor one snake eye. Eating...
  20. Zynx_Keekeio

    8 Leopard Geckos for sale- $300 OBO

    Well school time has come and it's time for me to move on :) I still love them so much and maybe later on I'll be able to own one or a few but right now I am ready to let go. I have the following that as a group I can sell for 300 shipped or seperate and prices are upon request. I also can...