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So, about 2 to 3 weeks ago I paired a female and a male leopard gecko together. I checked her stomach gently and I don't see any signs of eggs in her system. Is there an explanation for this? The breeding went very well and they were done within around 7 to 10 minutes. My female also won't get into her coconut fiber hide box. Thanks.


There could be a couple reasons she isn't laying. If you are for sure you don't feel any eggs there could be a possibility that she isn't ovulating, one or both geckos are infertile, your female isn't sexually mature, or she could be retaining the sperm. If you are sure they are the ideal weight and she is ovulating you can pair them again to see how it goes from there. If you do feel eggs give her a little more time to lay, especially if its her first time breeding. If she still isn't laying and you know she has eggs, she could become egg bound which will require a vet visit.

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