leopard gecko

  1. SnowBallsMaMa

    Newbie here

    Hi I’m Dee and we have a little zoo got 5 skin kids 3 are mine and two are my grandkids , Got two furkids both girls named Snickers and ButterCup , 3 scale kids 2 female leopard geckos named Leo and SnowBall and one male named Jackson and two fish named Stitch and Bob . I’ve been a Leo and...
  2. E

    Tremper Super Snow x Tremper Sunglow

    Hello everyone. Im confused about morphs and i need help.I have female Tremper Super Snow and Tremper Sunglow.I've paired about 2 weeks ago and i couldn't figure it out what the possible breeds i can get. I'd appreciate it if someone tell.
  3. L

    Selling Jungle Morph Leopard Gecko + Tank and Supplies Las Vegas NV

    Hello, I’m selling my 5 year old male Jungle Morph leopard gecko. I have made a Craigslist post where I posted all the information. I’m asking $250 for everything. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/for/d/las-vegas-leopard-gecko-and-tank-jungle/7708308632.html Located in Summerlin area of Las...
  4. L

    Is this impaction?

    Is this impaction? I got this juvenile gecko three days ago. He has a halogen lamp that I have set to around 80 degrees. The first day he ate, he ate yesterday morning and last night too, but he hasn’t eaten this morning and he just sleeps in one of his warm hides. He hasn’t pooped at all and I...
  5. C

    Leopard Gecko Heat Bulb

    My leo is 8 years old and not really ever been the hugest fan of the infrared heat bulbs. Normally I use the black heat bulbs (they give off a dark purple light), and I’ve never tried ceramic bulbs for more than a day or two. When I’ve tried the infrared bulbs in the past, he becomes slightly...
  6. T

    Entire Leopard Gecko Breeding Collection for Sale

    Hey, I'm new here but not new to breeding. I'm currently in the Los Angeles, CA area, and I have a collection of about 67 geckos altogether at the moment. I'm looking to sell the entire collection, including handmade thermal racks, feeding bowls, spray bottles, calcium powder, etc. I have a...
  7. B

    Leopard Gecko Wobbles

    Hi all! Have been trying to research on my own what this could be, but I genuinely can't seem to find any answers pertaining to what I'm dealing with, so thought I'd try here! I've been keeping leos for about a year now - I've got 4 of the little guys, and they're the lights of my life. Two...
  8. A

    Heating options for leopard gecko

    Hello everyone! Just looking from some advice from people with actual experience as online there's a lot of mixed messages depending on what different sites are trying to sell. I am looking to upgrade my leopard gecko's tank (she's been in one that I think is 60x45x30cm for the last 5 years...
  9. K

    Please help, I dont know what's wrong with my gecko

    I have a giant leopard gecko who is turning 3 this year. I went on a vacation for a week and left him with my brother. When I got back I noticed some kind of growth under his tail. He hasn't eaten anything in the 3 days I've been back. Can someone please tell me what this is? I can't afford a...
  10. A

    Morph combos

    I have a leopard gecko who is possibly Mack snow, jungle, and blizzard (male), and will hopefully acquire a Creamsicle (male) and was wondering what I should pair with them. At most I will be getting 3-4 females. This is my current male, Sihtric.
  11. W

    Leopard Gecko - Egg laying setup & vermiculite grades???

    We have 1 male & 1 female gecko, both about 1 year old, that were given to us a few months ago, so we're reading as much as we can and learning as we go. The female, Loretta, laid her 1st 2 eggs over the holidays. I have a lay box that is 6in wide x 8 in long x 2.5in tall with a 2in diameter...
  12. B

    Gecko substrate

    Hello! I can’t find the answer anywhere else, I’ve recently placed a lot of earth mix arid in my Leo tank for the substrate. It’s a nice big tank so I had to use a lot however I’ve noticed it’s very humid and I don’t have a separate tank, does anyone know if my leopard gecko will be okay in a...
  13. T

    Worried about bone disease

    Hello - I am new to having a Leopard Gecko. I have had one since September. I have done a lot of research and asked a lot of questions from people that would know more than me about having a leopard gecko as a pet. The Gecko has always slid across his habitat when walking, but it seems as...
  14. T

    Let's Try This Again: Tangerine Leopard Gecko Available for Adoption

    This was my first (and so far only) pet reptile. I opted for the typical beginner non-snake, non-beardie choice. I have had it for about 15 months. It's about 16 months old. I have reached a point where I really want a more interactive reptile, as well as a tropical one. Unfortunately I don't...
  15. C

    Looking for a new home for a lovely leopard gecko

    Update: our Leo has been rehomed!
  16. N

    Please Help (mouth rot??)

    What is this on my Leopard Geckos mouth? I'm so worried because I did some researching and the only results came in with Mouth Rot. I'm not sure because it looks really hard to be mouth rot compared to other images. Please help.
  17. D

    Hi! Just looking for some advice.

    Hi! I’m new here. Just recently got a Leopard Gecko. And I’ve pretty much got almost everything under control. Except what bulbs to use. He is in a 10 gallon enclosure. I’m working on getting a bigger one. And I have a Thrive dual dome lamp. As of right now. The bulbs that I’m using are this...
  18. Harbor Reptiles


    Working closely with some top breeder, working with a scientist, and a veterinarian on certain “things” to help with neurological symptoms associated with ES. So far going very very well!!!! A couple have turned right around and living healthy, happy, normal lives!!!!! Next year depending on...
  19. Harbor Reptiles

    Mack enigma and snowglow enigma

    So in the last 5 years I’ve had Enigmas I’ve jotted down notes and in the last 3 years of breeding I’ve made some very interesting hypothesis! It’s nowhere near a conclusion, but I’ve teamed up with a couple other breeders working on some similar theories. And between their ideas and mine, there...
  20. RyleeRellik

    Organs? Or sick?

    I just rescued this baby gecko, (around 2months) he was dehydrated and underweight. I am planning a vet visit to test for crypto and parasites, but just got covid, so I can’t leave my house. I wanted others opinions on if this simply looked like organs showing through, or if it looks to be signs...