Possibly amputated toes?


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I've rescued a Leo about a month or so ago from a friend of a friend and he's ~13 years old. He seems okay in himself other than being a grumpy old man who still isn't completely convinced that he likes me. He already is missing quite a few toes, or at least the tips of most of them as they look quite stumpy and have no claws. He's been eating and pooping normally (I think he has some vision issues so I'm looking to get a gel food to feed him easier). He's in a 60cm x 30cm x 40cm ish tank, with repti carpet underneath a layer of Coco fibre and a heat mat underneath, and he has a nice moist hide and several other hides.

So, when I got him he had some shed stuck to his nose, which he managed to get off himself after a few days. He also had stuck shed on 2 toes. Now one of them already seemed to have squeezed off the toe, and his previous owner said they didn't know how long the shed had been stuck for. The other toe seemed like just one layer and he was slowly slowly working it off himself. Last night he was looking a bit grey so I was planning to give him a little soak in the morning to help him shed. Overnight he pulled a sneaky and shed all by himself (super happy that he's had nothing stuck so I know his husbandry and nutrition is way better now than his last home). The toe I suspected was already squeezed off is gone, theres no exposed wound that I can see so I assume it's been cut off for some time. But the other toe seems to look a much darker colour than the others. I'll try to take a picture if he comes out tonight (he's still not happy to be handled and I don't want to stress him out). I plan to monitor it and see if it is just going to need a bit to breathe or if it will fall off or need veterinary attention. I've never had any issues like this with my other Leo who Ive had since a baby so I'm not entirely sure how concerned I should be. My only reassurance is he's clearly never had complications after losing the other toes.


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If the toe gets necrotic (dead with no circulation) it will likely fall off on its own. I don't think you'll need a vet for this,


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