Pregnant fire bellied newt and/or babies


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I am looking to re-home my three fire bellied newts. I also have about 8 baby fire bellied newt babies (that hatched in March) that are still available if anyone is interested.

I got the three of them over a year ago. They are cute and fun to watch. However, Brutis (didn’t know she was a female till she started laying eggs), started laying eggs again this week.

Anyone who has an interest and love for these little guys, it is a great experience to watch the eggs develop, hatch, grow, morph and see them survive. I hate to do this I love my little guys, but I do not have the time or energy to go through baby newts again.

Trade: either 2 female baby/juvenile panther geckos or baby/juvenile gargoyle gecko.

If that is not possible: The CB baby fire bellied newts I would take $4 a newt or prefer $28 for all 8 of them. The trio of adults, I paid about ~ $8 each, so $20 for the 3 of them. I would love all of them to go to the same place if possible. So if anyone is interested and unable to trade, willing to take $45 for the group of them and willing to supply a few of their favorite decorations for an extra charge to make the transition to a new home easier on them. I am mostly interested in getting my newts in a good, knowledgeable home; so they live long happy livse.

I’m not willing to ship, so anyone in or near Louisville, KY that is interested, please contact me. I am possibly willing to drive ~30 mins, if you are willing to drive an hour or more (if you are that far outside of Louisville.)

Serious offers/interests are welcome to email me. I can send pictures if requested.

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