Problem Feeder


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Durban South Africa
Greetings All

The title might not actually be true, because my girl eats, she is just too fussy when she eats.
She has lately begun to refuse worms or crickets.
She will also refuse greens and fruit.
Has now started refusing to eat the children's Purity Food Products that she has always eaten.
Actually, about the only thing she does now eat, is when we put her outside on the lawn.
She eats what we call Thistle Thorn Leaves, and she seems to eat some unknown garden leaves.
Her condition, weight etc. is still very good, she poops regularly as well, and it is firm.

I got her as a rescue about a year ago, she is an adult, I don't know how old she is.
Someone said she is doing this because she is old.

Here is a pic of her taken about 2 months ago.



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Somerville, MA
I have 2 beardies. Sometimes they clean their bowls and sometimes their food is untouched (although to be honest the crickets are never untouched). I recommend you continue to offer a variety of "salad" and bugs and try not to worry if she doesn't eat unless she is visibly losing a lot of weight, in which case you should take her to a reptile vet.