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Hey guys! One of my leopard gecko eggs just recently hatched. Looking at photos online, she looks like she could be a raptor baby? Her parents are 2 normals. Could she be a raptor coming from 2 normal parents? She looks EXACTLY like this picture. Anything helps, thanks! 1627354878328.png


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So since the trempor and eclipse genes are both recessive, (which is the combination that creates a raptor), it is very possible that the parents were either heterozygous or homozygous recessive for both genes and supplied them to her that way. And even if they don’t show signs of exhibiting those traits- (high white markings on the tail, nose tip, and feet, patternless stripe, or reddish or unpigmented eyes are common but not always shown for eclipses), they are still capable of carrying them because they are both recessive. Look for those signs in the parents and if you see any at all that parent is likely homozygous ressecive, but even if you do not they could be carrying it as heterozygouses.

The lizards

These are the parents. (I took the first one while she was skinny but she’s not anymore) @thesquidworm


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