Really big armpit bubbles?


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My leopard gecko Cinnamon has developed some large armpit bubbles (I call them her boobs haha). I admittedly used to oversupplement her when she was much younger because of fear of her getting MBD. She now weighs about 74 grams, gets fed 3 times a week (crickets only) with one dusting per couple weeks. Do I need to cut back her feeding? Will supplementing her less be detrimental in the future? How can I help her have smaller boobs? If I need to take her to the vet I absolutely will! Thank you in advance! 7567320200314_200556.jpg


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Oh, here's this info as well
About your leo:
- Female
- 1 year, 74 g
- Owned for a year
- From Pet Smart (I know, I know)

A) Health/History
- No past problems, handled pretty often, acting normal as always
B) Fecals
-Normal poops, sometimes goes a day or two without going after a shed.
C) Problem
- Fairly big armpit bubbles. Just need to know if there's a way to help her get rid of them.

A) Enclosure
- Exoterra Medium Low glass enclosure
- On half ecoearth (cool side) and half slate tiles (warm side)
- Has 3 hides; cool, humid/moist, and warm
B) Heating
- Heat mat on right side
- 75.4 degrees F on warm side,
- Uses a digital thermostat with probe to regulate heat
- Temps measured by digital thermometers w probes
- She has a ceramic heat bulb and a regular viewing light but those are barely used
C) Cage mates
- Just Cinnamon, besides a duck figure I jokingly call her girlfriend

Describe Diet:
A) Typical diet
- 3 Large crickets 3 times a week (M, W, F)
- Tong fed
B) Supplements (describe how often)
- Using ZooMed Reptivite and Fluker's Repta Calcium w D3
- Crickets gutloaded with Fluker's Prange Cube Cricket Diet


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I have found many opinions about the large armpit bubbles, both pro and con. I try not to worry about them and have not found any negative effects either way. I do have a couple of husbandry suggestions: Is your warm side 74 degrees in the air or on the floor? If in the air, check the floor temps and if on the floor, it needs to be warmer (low 90's). Also, the orange cube cricket diet, as I understand it, is simply water crystals with orange dye, so I'm not sure that the crickets are really being gut loaded. Usually gut load consists of actual powdered grain. You can check the cube ingredients to be sure.