Red Eye Croc skinks living with Red Eye Tree frogs? Vivarium ideas


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Ok. So my first reptile (My 12 year old ball python) passed away recently. I had him in an Exo-Terra Large Wide tank (36x18x18) and I really want to go big on a living vivarium since i've only made smaller ones in 12x18 or 18x24 Exo-Terras. I want to make it just really nice with plenty of growth and a pretty decent sized pond/waterfall. The only thing is im not quite sure what to put in it. I have been really interested in getting some new day geckos, red eye tree frogs, dart frogs and especially red eye crocodile skinks. I thought since Red eye croc skinks need a swimming area, that this would be a great enclosure but its very roomy for a pair (Which doesn't hurt, but I would rather just go all out) Which gets me thinking about including a couple red eye tree frogs as well. All the requirements match as far as humidity and temp. the only problem I can think of is how these will react. There's not much known about Croc skinks yet, let alone how they would react to tree frogs. The Croc skinks don't get all that big and a full grown RETF is a bit bigger than its head. In all honesty this is what im thinking about doing, But i figured i would get as much feedback as possible before doing this. I don't want to harm any herps, but unless given any good argument Im going to go ahead and try it. Mind you I have owned RETF's and I will monitor them very closely. If I do notice them being stressed or ANY aggressive attempts from the skinks I will just remove the frogs and probably add some small day geckos instead. So what do you guys think? Any feedback would be awesome! :D

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