RIP Helen...warning GRAPHIC photos of a rescue


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Southern California
Unfortunately, fiance and I decided to put down Helen. She came to us with stuck shed covering her eyes in layers, stuck shed on what was left of her toes, previously kept on VitaSand with no heat source, no humid hide, another leopard gecko, and even a tiny Mediterranean gecko, and skinny as can be. Once the stuck shed was gently taken off of her eyes, we found that her eyes seem to have already started deteriorating. We gave her the benefit of the doubt and kept her in a smaller cage to see if she could hunt on her own. A few times at first, she would go after the crickets (with no legs), but kept missing. After a while, she would eventually get the crickets. We also kept a bowl of mealworms for her, of which she paid no attention to. After another shed (which came off all together), she quit eating. We tried every insect under the sun and eventually came to force feeding with dewormer medicine. After a while of force feeding, she had still not gained weight and still would not eat on her own. We thought it would be best to euthanize since it was unlikely that she would be able to hunt on her own due to her further deteriorating eyesight.
The only pictures we have of her unfortunately....

Glad to know her suffering has ended, though. And yes, I do believe animals go to Heaven...otherwise, it would be hell without them.


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Oh bless her poor little heart. At least in her last part of life, she knew what real love and care was with you - something I am sure she felt and was truly grateful for.

Sleep tight little one xxx