Set up gecko tank today. Have question too.


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Hi everyone,
I set my son's gecko tank up today. I'm not a hundred percent sure where I need to put the thermostat bulb. I got the Vivasun heat pad and thermostat combo. The hide on the left side of the tank it has the heating pad under it. The probe is in the left corner almost touching the bottom of the tank. Its been climbing slowly but it hasn't reach temp yet. The thermostat is set on 80. The sub straight is kitchen cabinet liners. Its non adhesive liner. I check with a thermo gun to see what the temp was in the hide with heat pad. It says its 83 to 105 on the floor of hide. the thermo gun doesn't work great with shinny material it doesn't work great.. I just want to get some people suggestions and to make sure the bulb is in the right spot. We are going to get the gecko in a week. Thank you in advance.

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Put the probe (which is what I think you're talking about) either some place on the warm side floor or under the warm hide so you can regulate the temperature under the hide where the gecko might spend a lot of its time. The humidity gauge you have is probably not going to be accurate, but don't worry about the humidity.


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