Sick Hatchling: What Next


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We are very new to hatchlings and honestly didn't think anything would happen for a few more clutches. Instead clutch 2 & 3 hatched a 2 living hatchlings each, though clutch 3 hatched first.

The smaller of the two hatchlings in clutch 3 has been up and walking. He is between 5 and 7 days old. He started looking very poorly last night. He was very lethargic, so we thought he was having a tough time shedding and conserving his energy. We misted and let him rest.

I was just sure he was head this morning. He looked dried up, laying on his side with his legs rigid and extended and not moving. His shed was stuck on his head and there appears to be stool, on the body to the side of his tail. My husband picked him and his body moved slightly. We have been misting him more and put a drop of water on his nose. He is moving more but still not opening his mouth. We also tried giving him a drop of the vitamin liquid mix to see if it would bring him around.

We returned him to his habitat with his clutch mate.

What other suggestions do you have?


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Somerville, MA
welcome to GF. Sorry you're having a hard time with the hatchling. It may have been premature. The most important thing is to separate it from the clutch mate and keep it warm and hydrated by itself. It's likely that it won't survive, but that's kind of what natural selection is all about. Good luck with it.


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