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I've got an African Fat-tailed gecko and I was wondering how I could make her tank better? It's a 10 gal and I've got two wooden hampster hides (yes yes I know they aren't the best but the pet stores near me are very understocked and that's all they had) and I want her to have a better place to roam around when she does. I think she is getting pretty old for a gecko and can't see very well and I wanted to get her like some fake plants for the tank? Idk if that's good or not but I wanted to make it (the tank) look better so my mother doesn't think its such an eyesore to keep in the house. Also, since she has problems shedding and getting all the skin off of her feet (has caused her to lose claws when I wasn't paying proper attention sadly) where can I get a cheap plastic hide that retains humidity really well? The moss keeps drying out really quickly which might be a result of the heating lamp now that I think of it but with the wooden, unsealed hides come mold which is super annoying and dangerous so I think that a plastic hide would be better. I am an amateur gecko keeper and I'm trying to be better so any help would be welcome!


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What substrate are you using? I have always kept my fat tail geckos on coco fiber without a problem. If you don't want to do that, your idea of getting fake plants is a good one. Also, get a Gladware sandwich container, cut a square hole in the top and get some coco fiber (it comes dried in a block at a pet store and you add water to hydrate it. It ends up looking like dirt but it's not gritty). Fill the hide and keep the coco fiber moist you can put interesting contact paper or stickers on the outside to make it look nice. You can also get a fake "tree" which your gecko won't climb but it may look nicer.



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I suggest upgrading to a 20 gallon long which is pretty cheap( I always get my tanks from Petco during the $1 per gallon sale or on facebook market place). Cork bark is a great decoration for tanks(chewy is a great place to find supplies) and also some fake flowers you can find at the dollar store really seem to add some nice color and decoration and different textures for the gecko to clime on. The bigger tank you have the easier it is to decorate because room is not cramped and it allows the gecko more room to roam around