Temperature regulation for a Crested Gecko


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Hello everyone! Im about to buy my first Gecko ever! It's going to be a Crested gecko. I have everything prepared, I've done a ton of research and what not, I've got my terrarium set up and all, but.. There is one thing stopping me - temperature. I currently live (and will be living) in a dorm, and we don't have any kind of AC or temperature regulators for the summer. Temperatures here (in Bulgaria) in the summer get around 35-40C at times, and I have no idea how my gecko would be able to handle them. I have 2 tarantulas, but I they are quite more durable regarding weather and humidity. So my question towards people who have crested geckos is : How much heat can these little guys/girls take before they start being uncomfortable, and is there a way I can keep them cold during the summer (excluding ventilators or AC). Thanks in advance


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Somerville, MA
I have had a few days during the summer when the temperature in my living room got to be 35C and the crested geckos were fine. I don't think day after day at 35-40 is going to be a good idea. If there's a basement in your dorm, and you have permission, you could set them up there on hot days. You could also put an ice pack in the cage every day. Try to think how many days of the summer the temperatures will be that high.


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