Trying to figure out Leopard Gecko Morph


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I bought this Leopard Gecko at a local small Mom and Pop pet shop. I'm trying to figure out what kind of morph he (He is male) is because he definitely isn't wild type. (BTW, he came with the broken and regrown tail, not shown)

I named him Tyson, after Mike Tyson and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Stabs at his morph might help me figure it out.

His real-life colors are closer to picture 2.

I also have a wild type female I bought, so is there a way to prove him out to be a certain type?
Any clues would help.

(BTW, not interested in selling him, just curious)

The other thing is he's a fussy eater and hates any worm-type food. He'll eat wax worms, but that's about it. (I convinced him to eat a super worm, but he was reluctant and then rejected it after that) He detests meal worms, a whole lot. He came a tad skinny, but I still want to up his nutrition levels beyond crickets with vitamin powder on them. He apparently was raised on crickets, mainly, so breaking his habits is difficult, but I don't want him to lose weight either.

My other gecko isn't as picky, but then I raised her myself.

Also, is there a way to figure out his age?


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After looking around a bunch, I think he's actually an African Fat Tailed Gecko, which would explain a whole lot. I'll be changing his care to meet his needs better. The pet store mix up made him misunderstood for so long. I'll up the number of crickets for him. I feel so sorry towards him for housing him incorrectly. But the upside is I got him for Leopard Gecko prices...

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