Um, so, feeder house geckos?


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I am thinking of getting some. I have a few questions and want to see if my care is good.

  • What's the best cage size?
  • how many should you have?
  • which is best for them? ( i can fit all of them except the 4' by 4' by 4' and larger)
  • Best Diet?
  • Best substate?
  • are foggers bad for them?
  • how long do they live? does them being feeders shorten their lifespan?
  • can they have hornworms?
ok. that's all the questions I have. Now diets.
mealworms, waxworms, and crickets daily, flightless fruit-flys every other day, small Dubai cockroaches once a week, Hornworms(?) once a month.
2' by 2' by 4' Zen habitat, with half coco fibers and half forest floor, climbing vines, tall live plants, short fake plants, cork logs, grapevine wood, medium water dish (on the ground), two food dishes near the middle of the encloser, misted once at night, and in the morning. it would be for 4 (hopefully) females



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Are you thinking of getting some house geckos as pets? If so, please consider getting them from a place selling them as pets, not as feeders. I say this because the rainbowmealworms site says explicitly that these are "grade B geckos". If you've ever been in a chain pet store and seen the fish tank with the goldfish feeders, you'll see a hugely overcrowded tank with really yucky looking goldfish swimming around. That's kind of how I imagine these house geckos will be. If one has parasites, they may all have them. I'm not a house gecko expert. I highly recommend googling some care sheets. Here's a Gecko Time article about the house gecko genus:


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