What am i?


Shillelagh Law
Got any other photos? As much as the above answers are all possibilities; that photo doesn't show some of the areas of the frog that would be needed for a positive identification.

Scale would help. The coloration and patterning on the ventral surface and the inside surfaces of the legs. A side-shot of the head, showing the area around (underneath) the eye and the position of the timpanum relative to the eye and the jaw.

The green coloration makes it a bit tougher to be definite, you saw that gray treefrog was mentioned in the first two responses you got, but the green ones have an obfuscated pattern that makes identifying them visually from a dorsal view less certain.

It's definitely not a Hyla cinerea though, not with that skin texture and lacking the lateral stripe along each side. Also, $50 is... excessive... for a green tree frog. They're usually around $10, retail (and substantially less, wholesale).