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Oregon, IL
Ok friends. This is the biggest thinning of the herd I've ever had to do, but we've decided to only work with two pairs this coming season. This means that most of our geckos have got to go. Some have been bred, some have not. Some have gone off food for the season, some are still eating like pigs. We have everybody's individual information, just let us know who you're interested in. Pictures are also available on request.

"Vlad" - VS Male, SHCT poss het patty
"Alonzo" - VS Male, SHTCT het Tremper
"Guinivere - VS Female, Tremper
"Andre" - VS Male, Super Hypo (unusually large size)
"Spike" - VS Female, jungle SHTCT
"Kamea" - VS Female, Mack snow het blizzard and Bell
"Basil" - VS Male, Mack snow blizzard het Bell
"Clarabelle" - VS Female, jungle SHTCTB
"Cleopatra" - VS Female, Tremper
"Mallorie" - VS Female, Murphy's patternless
"Lucy" - TS Female APTOR het eclipse

*Shipping is $50 flat rate

DEAL (for pickup only):
-any 5 geckos for $200, regardless of morph
-any 5 geckos and 1 display rack for $300
-any 10 geckos for $400
-any 10 geckos and 2 racks for $500


(picture of one display rack. Racks do not come with thermostat)
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Oregon, IL

*Andre, Clarabelle, Lucy, and Alonzo have all found new homes. Everyone else is still available, including a het Tremper ts female juvy.

Really need to move these guys. If you can pick up and if you can get here before February's out, these animals are FREE. Take one, a few, or all of them. I will, of course, make sure you know all you need to about them.

Racks are $100 each, thermostats are not included.

If you need them shipped, shipping is still flat rate of $50, and geckos are $10 each.

To recap: free if you pick up, $10 each plus shipping if you need shipped. I need these guys GONE.

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