Why is my leo doing this?

New gecko mom

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Hey everyone. So I keep noticing my one leo "climbs the wall" or tries to pretty much every night. Its only at night and only ever on the same side of the tank. She isn't sick or malnourished. She eats well and lets me handle her whenever she feels like it. She seems to be happy. She has a tank mate but they both get along they've never been aggressive towards one another. I say she but im not 100% sure yet. My other leo in the tank does not do this. I got them about 3 months ago and I believe they were maybe 2 months when I got them which would put them around 5 or 6 months as a guesstimate. Does anyone else's leo do this behavior? I just feel bad. 20210113_230547.jpg20210113_230612.jpg20210113_230654.jpg20210113_230724.jpg20210113_230930.jpg20210113_231003.jpg