Will lights/sounds in a house bother Leopard Gecko


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I am rescuing a gecko living with a board child who is not taking care of it. It has a heat lamp and not the best cage and I feel so bad. :eek: I know they are nocturnal or at least no the type of animal to hang out in the sun all day. So hides and darkness are important.

I plan to keep my gecko in a room that will be used during the night. So things like a lamp or a stereo will be on. How bad is the average room light for them? I was thinking one side of the cage could be covered by a dark sheet or something to make it all a "hide" no matter the hour. But then the light of the lamp will be seen and it could disrupt their cycle. I am using an under tank heater and placing the tank by a window. So I think the natural light cycle will work for this type of gecko. It seems important to give even nocturnal lizards a night day cycle. This is my first reptile but I have kept many tropical fish and more common pets like dogs. I have also worked for an animal shelter. I feel ready for this. I don't want to live in darkness but I also want to give the gecko a good life.

As far the stereo how bad is a subwoofer? I am sure they don't like it but is it a sound they will get used to without being cruel about it? This is my main concern because honestly I love my music but animal welfare is very important to me. If i have this pet it needs a good life. So maybe find a new room for the gecko? I have read of some people practicing drums in the same room as the gecko but that does not seem fair to me.

I am dealing with a girlfriend that is kind of afraid of reptiles so I don't know how the other room thing will work out. I have wanted a gecko for years but I also don't want to put the animal in a bad situation and put myself before it.


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My 65 or so geckos live in the living room and dining room. They listen to the baseball game with me every night. I have lights on as needed for my activities. Everyone is fine (and the geckos are all Red Sox fans!)