Worried about my Geko

Sarah Mathewson

New Member
Hi my Geko is about 1 and half years old now , over the last few days she has been in her cold hide none stop.... I'm worried as this is unusual for her as she is normally laying next to her heater under her tree. She has never gone in this before unless she's shedding her skin... The weather is freezing here at the moment and my house is not the warmest house around but it's warm enough... I would just like to know is this normal... She is not shedding and has not really wanted to get her food lately.... She's eaten about 3-4 worms pre feeding every 3 days when usually she'd eat 8-9 worms... I would just like to know is this something to be worried about or is this normal behaviour...


Staff member
Somerville, MA
It's possible that she's ovulating. Check her belly and look for two small pinkish spheres in the abdomen area. Ovulating geckos tend not to eat for awhile and may also exhibit other unusual behavior

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