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My boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me the end of September (right before my B-day, Oct 12th, the loser!). It's ok thought because I was thinking about breaking up w/ him too- he just beat me to the punch.

Anyways, you might feel angry at first... then you might feel sad for a while. Even so, I think it might be healthy and fun to just start casual dating again. I mean, don't go all head-over-heels for someone but just go and take a few girls out on dinners or find people to do activities with (whether you're into hiking, dog-walking, basketball, whatever).

Actually, a couple of my girlfriends talked me into creating an OkCupid account. I was very skeptical of dating people online at first. But, OkCupid has a really nice filtering system so I can filter out things I don't want and can look for specifics like what religion I want them to be, how serious they are into religion, height, ethnicity, education, etc etc. You can even answer questions and say you want your "matches" to answer the question too in a certain way- I'm bad at explaining this. It's just a fun way to branch out, especially if you're like me and live in a small town where everyone knows each other.

Just try to not regret anything because God has a plan for us all- even if we cannot see it. Everything happens for a reason. Just try to think the perks of being single... you can do whatever you want now, flirt with whomever, and you never know what you might come across. It's exciting! :)


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Just a quick update, she is slightly(?) talking to me again through text... She seems super depressed and wants to get back with me, but isn't sure. Idk, my heart wants to.... But everything else says hell no.
I can't understand where she gets this idea that shell never meet my standards. I have none, except for having 100% trust. It's aggravating....
End of my sad rant


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It could be an attack of the Holiday Regrets, she has no man on her arm in front of family, and maybe they even liked you.

I, personally, am for moving forward...I have tried to move back into the past before, and it was a heinously ugly messy result. It isn't always, but in most of the cases I've seen? It doesn't end happily.

Whatever happens, I hope you find peace in your heart.