Young Adult Albino Female for Rehoming in Fort Worth, TX


and snakes beneath them
United States
Hey all. Got this little alby a few weeks ago in a trade, and while I would love to keep her, turns out she will not touch anything but crickets; I've tried dubia, superworms, mealworms, she doesn't care for them in the slightest. I have to go and buy the crickets from the pet store as I was never good at raising them. So, sadly, I need to find a new home for her. Figured I'd post something here before I went to craigslist, as I'd have to wait a while to post there anyway to avoid Christmas-present-buyers. She's not yet full grown, sort of skittish as young leos are, in good health and very good at chasing and catching her crickets.

101_3252.jpg 101_3253.jpg 101_3254.jpg 101_3257.jpg

For just her and her tree (which she loves) I'm asking $80. Would sell the whole set-up (10 gal tank w/o lid, water bowl, coconut hide, piece of wood - no heating though as I need that stuff) for $115. We live in North Richland Hills which is is the Fort Worth-ish area of Texas, around Keller, Watauga, Grapevine etc.

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