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Just an update, I sold the one that didn't have a name yet but still have Blue and Minnie. 4 more have hatched since my last update, Peanut and Jelly (clutchmates) and 2 more beautiful babies that have just recently hatched (also clutchmates.) So now, I'm up to 6 babies and 3 adults, 9 in total.
Are any of your hatchlings going to be for sell do you have pics
The lizards
The lizards
Hello! Yes they will be. I will post an ad on here in the for sale but I can't do any shipping.
Check out my personal blog where I talk about my pet geckos and the babies I breed. You can also follow me on Instagram @mycrestie.diary
Hey yall! Just an update, I have hatched 3 baby leos so far, Blue, Minnie, (and the third one doesnt have a name yet.) I have 2 more due any day now, 2 extra in the incubator, and then my female is about to lay 2 more. Any tips if anything about hatchling leopard gecko care would be appreciated.

Hello, I was wondering whether a 26 or 13 watt exo terra full spectrum plant growth bulb would be better for a 18x18x24 tropical bioactive terrarium.
Yep. I’m doing a full bioactive! Only thirteen and recovering from severe OCD so my parents will allow me to build my own ecosystem but not add a lizard until I’m completely alright… (yeah right). Aanyways, just wanted to say that I’m very excited to get into it, I’m obtaining all my resources from Josh’s frogs and could use any advice you’re willing to give. Thanks forum people, have a good day :)
I’m working for money so I still have some time before I’m completely ready to order everything so yeah if anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful
wait, you can 'recover' from OCD? I thought it was like, a life-long thing?
Hi! I’m here to ask a question. Do any of you know what would be the best species of gecko- if any- that would live happily in a 12x12x18 bioactive enclosure? Looking for a more professional opinion because much of the information online is conflicted and I want to make sure the gecko is happy if I get one
Hello, I am asking anyone on this forum if a 5.0 UVB Reptisun is fine for a leopard gecko? Thanks if anyone answers! :)
Hi, I was wondering if you had anyone in Portland, Oregon area that you would recommend as a someone to reach out to regarding finding a new home for our crested gecko? We have had her for 8 years, and I feel like she could benefit from greater attention. I don't want her to go to any home -- it needs to be a permanent home with a dedicated reptile owner. Thanks, Terry
Hey everyone! I love reptiles and currently have 3 leopard geckos (Isla, Mr. Wizard, and Cheddar.) If there's any extra info or anything that can be changed or critiqued on one of my threads, please let me know whatever you can. Thank you everyone!
This is completely unrelated to geckos but holy shoot this is just Rpnation but Geckos and I find that hysterical.