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This is not an update to me as much of a complaint. The adds in this site are obnoxious. I can't currently see what I'm typing. It covers half to three quarters of my screen. If I get rid of it it comes back right away. I am on an Android phone :/
I’m getting 2 baby crested geckos this week, I’m going back and forth if I should do tub of a tank for it because it’s only a month old and I don’t want it to be stressed out.
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Do a tank with a towel over it at first so it's dark and peaceful while he acclimates!
I've only got two leopard geckos, but they're the best thing ever! I love geckos and reading about people's geckos and getting advice from people who have real experience.
hey just wondering where you got those beautiful geckos whose morphs you were wondering about. I actually looking for another gecko
Haha, it's the face of a green, bean-bag gecko. :) He's sitting on a railing with a pink hibiscus flower on the left.