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Just checking back in to the forum, haven't been here in awhile, not digging most FB Gecko groups/pages
hey just wondering where you got those beautiful geckos whose morphs you were wondering about. I actually looking for another gecko
Haha, it's the face of a green, bean-bag gecko. :) He's sitting on a railing with a pink hibiscus flower on the left.
Thanks for checking out our profile. My daughter and I have been breeding Awesome Leopard Geckos for a few years here in sunny Florida. We have started with some great genetics from some of the best breeders. Please visit our Facebook page at to see some of our geckos. We do sell some every once in a while.
Ryan and Summer
I'm going to get a leopard gecko and Idk if I should get a boy or girl or what i should name it can I have some suggestions. THANK YOU :D:main_thumbsup:
Do we have the same birthday? That's awesome! I'll remember to swing by and wish you a great one this upcoming month. :)

Have a nice day!

Hey. It's beezy from the black night conversation. You said you were going to the breeders dose and night get a1.1-2. Can I ask who the breeder is and how much they run? Thanks!
Hey thanks for the tip man I think I will just wait until my new rack gets here before I pair them. I like to stay organized as my breeder females are all in groups right now:)