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  • Apparently I need to make five entries of some kind before I can send a private message. So here is post number two. I'm interested in your fat-tails, please contact me. Thanks, Ernie Wagner [email protected]
    I produced about 75 fat-tails this year and have many of the color forms but I am looking for a few odds and ends. Do you have patternless available? How about albino and caramel albino males. I also produce leachianus and chahouas. Thanks, Ernie Wagner.
    My e-mail is [email protected]
    looking at you pic's and saw the T.V. in the background you a ray's fan or a yankee fan be careful from boston area
    lol busy. next time u come up i will make you brownies haha. course i might have to charge you one of those citris fatties haha.
    finally got two to bred, both were het celicps/raptor ptternless redstrips. they oumped out like champs last yr and were the last ones to give me clutches. my female s that gave em clutches last yr frist just dotn want to breed but i put them with pats raptor so hopefully i willget more of last yrs stock. gotta have soemthing to pay the food bills with hehe. how are those ones u got from me doing? i belive they were eclipses right?
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