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    Heya - saw you have a female crestie, what part of GA are you in and how much was she again? - Gix
    Hi, I will like to know if you still have the leopard geckos in sale. Thank you
    im interested in the crested geckos u have posted on here how much u want for all of them my wife wants them for chris mas and where u from in ga

    thanks matt
    hi, how much would you take at the lowest for the red cresty? the one who doesnt fire up much. thanks. :)
    high i am fairly new to the boards here. i was looking at your web page and noticed you have red dalmation cresteds. will you have any available this year? i did not see any available on your sight or here in the classifieds. btw you have a nice looking pit. i have an albino female pit.
    Hi! we talked a while back on your site about a couple of geckos... I'm still looking to get a few more but cant afford shipping... I'm right here in Box Springs next to columbus so I thought I'd ask you what you have... I <3 your pit bull... we have three bullies :)
    Hi I had a couple of questions about cresties. First of all, are they enjoyable to keep? I have a proper setup and I was wondering if 50.00 is a good price to pay.
    I'm new to cresties and before I get one I thought I would ask a professional's opinion. I read your care guide and some others. I have four Leopard Geckos now, and have had no problems. I have the cage setup and everything. Any other advice is welcome.
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