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  • The tails are starting to vibrate for sure. Hope you have a good season too. If ya come round this way we will have to meet up. I do have my own meal worm colony. My e-mail is [email protected]
    they last for months, as long as it doesn't get wet in the bin you put them in, i just store them in with very little bedding i had them sit around in there for over 4 months + Eggs are bigger and clear, i think your looking at...poo lol
    thank you for commenting on my pic of Rockey. he was only a baby in that pic but he still is only a little bit bigger than that now
    You can see eggs, BUT lol trust me there bigger then you think...But smaller so its hard to see...Doesn't make much sense, and even when you see one you will not see them all. If your using wheat bran there about half the size of a flake, its hard to see.. but even then 2 months is pretty short for babies. wait About another month or 2, i know its a long wait!
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