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  • Hey, haven't been to forums for quite a while, but always remember the help you've been to me. Hope all is well with you and your critters! I have lots of meal worms now but only a few pupae. This time of yr do they all but stop pupating? Also, just got my first shipment of dubias and at least one of my leos loves the crap out of them. Do you have any experience with them? Thanks so much for your help. Ken Please respond to [email protected]
    hi gurl! how are you!? been sooo long! any way i posted yesterday when my leo's were attacked by my 2 four legged furry demons... they are ok.
    but I can't seem to find where you originally emailed me.. how much do you charge for an ecommerce site? my email address is [email protected].
    Heather, you asked about my silks before..

    but anyway, you do websites right? I need some help with mine.. do you think you are up for a trade? silks for your works? I cant PM cuz I dont have privileges yet.
    Hey Heather...:eek:) how long will meal worms last in the fridge? I'm getting way too many now but don't want to stop,...I think I'm obsessed...:eek:) It's actually fun! Thanks for your help...Ken
    Hey Heather, I have me mealies breeding like crazy and I'm just wondering......these little hard brown pellet looking things are they beetle eggs?
    cute puppy, I have a few four legged furries too. I am finding that I like my geckos better though. Crazy to think that it took so long to find a reptile that I really love and then the passion for furries lessened. The biggest question I have right now is how worried should I be about my female Mack snow. . . she has lost a lot of weight and is continuing to lay eggs. She has not been with a male for nearly 8 weeks now but she is gravid again. What can I do to protect her from illness from lossing too much body mass? We have recently gone to feeding her meal worms and put extra calcium and vitamins in a dish for her. This seems to be helping a little but I wondered if there was anything else that I could do for her.
    How long have you been breeding geckos? This is my first year and I have had a couple of surprises. First one was that my older female laid several times. I was unaware that they would just keep breeding. I had to separate them immediately because my Eye Bee was looking horrible. The next surprise happened last night when I went to feed. . . I have had the girls separated from Tanger for about 4 and 6 weeks, but we had viable eggs. I was excited and dumbfounded. :)
    Can you give me any info on this phenomenon? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much
    Hey Heather, got the mealy colony going good but no babies yet, I thinks it's been almost 2 months I got a bunches of beetles and I've just sifted them and kept everything in another bin. Should I be able to see the eggs if there are any? When they hatch how small are they?
    Thank you! Sucessfully bred mealworms. :D Now i have enough worms to feed my rat and my leo and of course for my parakeets.
    i was wondering about the free ball python you were tring to rehome? could you tell me any backround on it if still had it?
    Awesome! I have 4 mouth to feed! Two turtle and Leo and Goldfish -__- Goldfish is Addict to mealworms Because it lives with Turtle. lol. But I meant How many Should I get Mealworms to Start Breeding?
    Your Mealwroms Breeding is Wonderful! that's alot of foods! :) how many i should start with? like should i get 100 mealwroms or 50? :)
    I need to know your email because I have like 20-30 pictures to give you. Some are very bright some are great! Ill let you know which ones are my favorite.
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