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  • Our tangs will run between $200 and $800 depending on color and sex. We have lots of babies hatched out, but won't have any available for sale for a few months.
    I have 1.4 Leopard geckos. The male is a Jungle Mack Snow poss. het for Eclipse and Tremper. My girls are 1 SHTCTB, 1 Tremper Enigma 66% het RAPTOR, 1 Aberrant/Broken Reverse Stripe, and 1 Rainbow Stripe poss het RAPTOR. Then I have 1.2 Lygodactylus williamsi, and 2 eggs. My girls are gravid again too. :D
    Sure thing I will get you pics this afternoon. I'm a cop and just pulled a 16 hour shift I will get you pics for sure bewtween 2-3pm today. Thanks for your patience
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