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  • Hey what type of leo is in your avatar pic? Does it seriously have blue in its eyes? Thats so dope
    sorry I haven't got back to you sooner! been having computer issues! wow thats a lot of leos haha! well, unfortunatly I am unfamiliar with the area! However if you go the Rugby reptiles website or northhampton reptiles then they could sort you out but you might need to get the geckos delivered by courier but it all depends on your price range because they can be expensive!
    hey it's me i got a under tak heater mat broke (something tiny chewed through it) and all i have is my heat transfering blue that bad her heat is still good and she is digesting fine.
    Hey, I sent you a friend request, just to let you know Im the same person as Geckoavenger.
    Hey :) ! Where abouts you from then?what leos you got? I have a nornal jungle, a SHCT, patternless red stripe aaaaaand a normal lol!
    not yet! I am hopefully going shopping tomorrow. pick of what i can, and do the rest of the shopping online if need-be.
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