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  • Hey Robin thanks for being on my friends list I had to ask you seem really cool. ;)
    Hello, I've seen some of your posts that included some really nice pictures (Of awesome geckos lol) and I wanted to know, what type of camera you use? Thanks so much for your time! :)
    Hello Robin this is Bryan over at Ambiguous Gecko's. I'm just starting off with a new Bold Stripe project for next year and had a few questions regarding Bold Stripe's. I'm aware you are the one whom pretty much started off the Bold Stripe's and would love to pick your brain.
    Hi Robin :) I am interested in your two pretty leos you have up for adoption. I am not sure where you are located, but can you let me know how much shipping will be to 17331?
    Thank you!
    I hope you're doing ok, deary. I tried calling you twice yesterday to check on you, but you voicemail kicked in. :)
    My normal ladies are working on some babies for you. :)
    Robin, you know where I can get a template like the one of your website? Where you buy them? I send a PM to Kelli, but hasnt reply.
    My fault, I think you mean like I didnt afford that or something like that, I apologize again, Oh and your also right about Paul, he kepts everything, but is a great guy!
    lol i was joking hehe. i was meaning he just kept everything but i was joking with him :)
    Originally Posted by Jorgevill View Post
    Amazing Sunglow Enigma, my question for Paul ¿When you will have some Sunglows enigma like that for sale? I need one!!

    OMG! ROBIN!!!! I've missed you sooooo much!! How the hell are you and Russ doing?

    I love you too Robin!! <3
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