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  1. T

    Turn-key Leopard Gecko Setup (plus Leopard Gecko) For Sale

    This was my first (and so far only) pet reptile. I opted for the usual beginner non-snake reptile. I have had it for about 14 months. It's about 15 months old. I have reached a point where I really want a more interactive reptile, as well as a tropical one. Unfortunately I don't really have...
  2. T

    Baby Mack Snow Leopard Gecko

    Perfectly Healthy Leopard Gecko. 2 months old. I am also selling other supplies along with it. Asking for $125, but I am flexible with the price. I will sell the gecko and supplies separately. ZIP 85143 Won't sell if more than 30 minutes away. Won't ship -Peter Manning
  3. W

    Female Leopard Gecko for sale!

    Hi All, I am moving abroad in 2022 and sadly have no way of bringing my leopard gecko with me, thus, I am selling my her, Lionel, along with the 40 gallon tank and all accessories for $199. Lionel is eight years old, incredibly hardy, very loving, and struts with positivity. It's simple, but...
  4. J

    Leopard gecko needs new home giving away for free

    My 3 year old leapord gecko needs a new home and i am willing to give her away for free local pick and delivery
  5. M

    FREE Gecko to a good home, pickup only

    Cute 2 year old Leopard Gecko (his name is Karma), he's very chill and I love having him, but I can't take him to school with me and nobody else will care for him:( he has a 20 gallon tank, under tank heating pad, ecoearth substrate, 2 houses, water and food bowls, calcium supplements, the whole...
  6. geckoboa

    Eublepharis angramainyu

    We have the most diverse and pure collection of Eublepharis in the world. E. angramainyu may look it from pictures but they aren't exactly like your normal leopard gecko. This distinct species from Iran grow much larger and mature far slower than their Pakistani cousins. In the gecko world...
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    New Years sale going on now at Eclectic Geckos! Receive 20% off on all geckos listed at . Sale is good from now through January 3 2016!
  8. J

    Super hypo tangerine carrot tail baldy X High yellow

    I have some Super hypo tangerine carrot tail baldy X High yellow babies for sale 95 each plus shipping there are four of them and the first two pictures are the youngest. My website is
  9. F

    Two Baby Crested Geckos

    I am looking to rehome these two baby crested geckos.They are sweet and handable we just don't have the time for them right now. If your in the general area I am looking to sell them for $100.00 obo plus tank, everything in the tank, and food for them. If needing to be shipped it'll be the two...
  10. J2Reptiles

    Leopard Geckos FOR SALE - J2REPTILES

    Please check out our Facebook page We have Leopard Geckos and Crested Geckos available right now. Thanks!
  11. S

    Awesome Raptor Male

    200+ shipping. 2 ALL RED EYES. 5 Months old, 56 Grams as of 6/13/13 ... MSG me if you're interested 100% live arrival guarantee
  12. S

    Giant raptor female!

  13. C


    Hello everyone! I have some leos for sale.I dont have pictures right now but I will soon. The morphs I have include: Mac Super Snow Possible giant and possible het raptor Giant Super Galaxy Mac Super Snow Possible Super Giant And Possible Het Raptor Giant High Spottage Mac Super...
  14. R

    Crseted Geckos for sale :D

    5 crested geckos for sale all male and 1 female 1 Red Harley Male, 1 Extreme Harley Male,1 Harley Male, 1 Tiger Male, and 1 Extreme Harley Female! all for $550 SHIPPED! prefer to sell as a group, great looking bunch! need a home :D -ryan (386)-243-2567
  15. bubblez825

    Two Full Grown Female Leopard Geckos (TANK NOT INCLUDED)

    Two Full Grown Female Leopard Geckos ********If interested, I'd really prefer to have someone close by, so you can come pick the girls up. I don't know anything about shipping lizards, and I really do not want to take the chance something goes wrong or something happens to the girls :/*********...
  16. S

    Various Leopard Geckos, Scotland

    Due to a reasonably successful breeding season, I shall be parting with several leopard geckos. These are either my own CB11 breedings, or adults which have been weeded out of the breeding group in order to hone in on other projects. I currently have available: 3 small 2009 adult female...
  17. geckoboa

    Added geckos to our website

    Added a few more geckos to the website today. Will be adding a lot more in the next couple weeks. Click on the link for our available page. Thanks
  18. H

    Lots of Leopard geckos! Adults, Sub-adults, 2011 babies! All priced to MOVE!

    Males are $40, Females are $45, with the exception of the two proven breeder females, and they are $55. All babies have been temped sexed for female, and are Hypos het Tremper Albino. The parents are either a SHCTB x a Tremper Albino or a SHCTB x an APTOR. Price for babies is $20. All...
  19. H

    1.1 Tang Bell Albinos and 1.1 Tremper Sunglows

    First up a male tang Bell Albino. He is a 2010 baby, and weighed 43g as of 6/18. $60 Next, a female tang Bell Albino. Also a 2010 baby. Weighed 43g as of 6/18. $70 Male Tremper Sunglow. A 2010 baby. Weighed 49g as of 6/18. $60 And last, a female Tremper Sunglow. Also a 2010...
  20. geckoboa

    Tremper Giants, Red Stripe Bells, Sunglows, and more.

    These are packed with genetics! Most are ready to breed! Check out the website. Many more like these available. Thanks! Tremper Giant 50% poss Super Giant. Godzilla line. Female $150 Red Stripe Bell 50% het Radar. Female $200 Bell Sunglow Female $140