1.1 Tang Bell Albinos and 1.1 Tremper Sunglows


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First up a male tang Bell Albino. He is a 2010 baby, and weighed 43g as of 6/18. $60

Next, a female tang Bell Albino. Also a 2010 baby. Weighed 43g as of 6/18. $70

Male Tremper Sunglow. A 2010 baby. Weighed 49g as of 6/18. $60

And last, a female Tremper Sunglow. Also a 2010 baby. Weighed 32g as of 6/18. $70

All of these guys have done some growing since the photos were taken- these are from early Spring. I'm trying to find my camera so I can get new ones of them! They are all very beautiful, healthy and great eaters! All of these geckos are eating superworms, but they will take crickets as well.

We will ship via FedEx overnight when weather permits (will need your ZIP for accurate quote). Discount offered if more than one gecko is purchased.

Thanks for looking, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Best way to contact us is at [email protected], as we both have email access on our phones and can check often.

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