Female Leopard Gecko for sale!


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Hi All,

I am moving abroad in 2022 and sadly have no way of bringing my leopard gecko with me, thus, I am selling my her, Lionel, along with the 40 gallon tank and all accessories for $199.

Lionel is eight years old, incredibly hardy, very loving, and struts with positivity. It's simple, but she loves 20 crickets per week with some calcium and not too much more!

I'm open to driving to meet up to deliver the gecko, or if you're nearby we can coordinate a time and place.


Glen Ellyn, IL

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USA, Minnesota
To be entirely honest, she is super skinny and I am very worried about her. I am 14, almost 15, and do not have the funds to purchase her as I lost my summer job at the greenhouse I work at due to them closing for the winter. I just spent the rest of my money on live plants for my freshwater aquarium. My mom doesn't want me to get another pet as I already have a tun of fish, 2 leopard geckos, and 8 hermit crabs. I used to breed leopard geckos and have had them since I was 9. I really would love to see her in good condition. She needs a heat mat set to 90 on the hot side using a thermostat. No lamp, Leo's don't bask so it's an inappropriate heating choice. The heat mat needs to be placed under her hide. In the middle of the tank she needs a hide with damp paper towel in it for shedding. On the far side of the tank a "cool hide" that should be around 70F. You can buy a digital thermometer and hidrometor. Humidity should be 50%. No loose substrate. It can cause impaction. I have found under counter non adhesive lining to be best but you can also use paper towel. IDK what the cardboard in the tank is for but I would take that out, it can hold in smell from her poop. She needs a reptile multi vitamin calcium with d3 free choice powder dusted also on 25% of her food. I use T-rex leopard gecko superfood brand. She is not being fed enough and crickets are lower in fat then Mealworms. 40 mealworms a week and 20 wax worms. For every 2 mealworms give her a waxworm. They are high in fat. Make sure you gutload your feeder insects. I hope you get this... I know your trying to do right by your little lady. If you have found a home for her pass this onto her new owner. If you still have her, please apply this before you sell her. If you can't find a home, let me know. I can maybe get her if she is free you can ship her to me for free it is only like $11.00 for 2 day priority. Last resort though, I'm not in a good position. Best of luck.
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