gecko care

  1. J

    Gecko stressed.

    Hi everyone! My name is John. I own two crested geckos. I didn’t get them at the same time though. My first gecko, Elliott came abt a year before my second, Noumea. Elliott was my first gecko so there was definitely some trial and error But once I determined he was a boy I decided a female...
  2. Kingc


    Hi Guys, Random question, I got my several week old leopard gecko (Raphael) in September this year. I know there are a lot of gecko owners with similar questions to mine. I am worried about Raphael as I do not think he has shed as of yet. I personally thought it was time for him to shed due...
  3. juleszuckerberg

    Preparing to travel, best tips for gecko care pre-trip?

    I'm preparing to travel for a handful of days soon, and while I have found someone to keep an eye on my leopard gecko's water dish and refill it when needed, I was wondering if anyone here had some tips on making sure my gecko's needs are met while I'm gone. It has gotten really hot where I...
  4. D

    Help for rescue a baby gecko

    Hello everybody, I looked up a forum online since I cant find the information that I am looking for on the internet, hopefully one of you can help me out/give me Some advice. I need help with taking care of a wild baby gecko. (I think it is a crocodile/moorish gecko) Here is the situation...
  5. J

    New gecko

    I got a leopard gecko from petsmart last night and was just wondering if hes healthy or not. I read a lot online and had some mixed information so I thought I'd check here. So I measured and weighed him, hes a bit over 5 inches from tail tip to head, and weighs 10.8 gs. I was wondering what age...
  6. B

    Geckos: Setting up the Terrarium, Important Supplies, Gecko Facts

    Hi All, Gecko fans are fortunate indeed (I included, as I’ve worked with a great many in zoos and the field)…over 150 species are available in the pet trade, many of which do quite well in modest enclosures. Among geckos we find lizards of every conceivable description – rainforest dwellers...