Preparing to travel, best tips for gecko care pre-trip?


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I'm preparing to travel for a handful of days soon, and while I have found someone to keep an eye on my leopard gecko's water dish and refill it when needed, I was wondering if anyone here had some tips on making sure my gecko's needs are met while I'm gone.

It has gotten really hot where I live, so I plan on leaving my AC going so the room my leo is in doesn't exceed the low 80's (Fahrenheit). The house sitter will be responsible for giving the gecko just his water, as we were planning on giving him a large meal of dubias and superworms before leaving, as well as making sure his wet hide is nice and moist.

We'll be gone for about 5 days, and Scout has gone much longer without expressing interest in food, but I still want to make sure he's not being underfed while we are gone! Does this all sound acceptable, or is there more that I can do?


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Somerville, MA
I have gone away for a maximum of 5 days with no negative consequences to my many geckos. Keeping the water refreshed at this time of the year is a good idea and, in my opinion, should be adequate.


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