1. GeckoNoviceTyler

    Blizzard The Lizard (Bliz The Liz)

    Hello everyone. My Daughter talked me into getting her a gecko. Little did I know, how much time and effort I would be investing into him lol. I also didn't realize how much fun it would be, or how attached I would get!! Without Further Ado... Welcome "Bliz The Liz!!!" Or "Little Buddy" as I...
  2. Yas97

    Crooked back toe???

    Hi, so my leopard gecko just had his second shed yesterday he shed perfectly as I checked thoroughly but I noticed his back toe was crooked and looks bent I did touch to see if it’s sensitive but he just wobbles it back to the crooked shape, I’m worried. He has been laying in his cooler side for...
  3. It's Chomp!

    It's Chomp!

    A master of stealth
  4. ImmortalHamster

    Can you 3D print enclosure decorations?

    I’ve just gotten my first gecko and I’m really excited about adding more features and upgrading her enclosure. Can I use pla safely for geckos? Specifically crested geckos, but I’d love to know about other geckos compatibility with different types of plastics, because I think I could sell these...
  5. O

    my absolute model of a leo.

  6. J

    Is IR light bad for geckos?

    Hi there, I have a webcam in my gecko's hide which is great for the daytime, but when the lights turn off I can't see her, I'm wondering if I could use an IR lightbulb to light up the hide without disturbing the gecko, for those who don't know, IR light is invisible to the naked eye, but...
  7. J

    Leopard Gecko Shed in/around eye, can I help?

    Hi there! We just adopted a couple of geckos that needed to be rehomed, and we have them fully set up with a 20g enclosure with a moist hide, a warm hide, a cool hide, and several other implements, and they seem happy and they're eating and generally enjoying life. But, one of them has come to...
  8. zoe11032

    How close are we to hatching?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here :) I have a quick question. I have a female leopard gecko that laid 3.26.2021. I am incubating for TSM (temp. sex males), at 88 F. When should I expect these babies to hatch? I've heard anywhere from 30-50 days. So if I put it in a calendar, what is the earliest and...
  9. C

    Introducing the male.

    Hi I haven’t started breeding yet, I’m just getting as much knowledge from everywhere before I start, so I joined this forum. So I’m hoping someone can help what I’ve seen is when you introduce the male, and they successfully lock, the female will lay 2 eggs, but then I see that she can lay up...
  10. Morfran

    Feeding tub layouts for hunting crickets!

    I finally settled on a female name Leilani. I think it fits her personality perfectly. I set up some paper towel roll half’s to act as tunnels and released crickets for her to hunt in an old 30g aquarium and she loved it. She was wiggling her tail like never seen before she was so excited to...
  11. C

    Gecko not drinking

    Hello everyone my name is Corey and i've had my giant day gecko (phelsuma grandis) for about 3-4 weeks. I've grown a bit concerned that during the period that i've had my gecko I have still not seen her drink one droplet of water whenever I mist the cage. She has eaten fairly decent since i've...
  12. Morfran

    Please Help Confirm Gender!

    Originally I was told my Leo was a male hence naming him Ragnar. However after lots of research I learned more on how to sex a gecko and I believe I was misinformed and my Leo is in fact a girl. I would like someone to help confirm this for me. I do not have a bulge or prominent femoral pores...
  13. M

    Chahoua gecko and Enclosure/cabinet

    Female chahoua gecko 3 years old and custom enclosure for sale. Over $2000 invested in this setup including the gecko. Looking for $1500 for both the enclosure and gecko. I bought her from satoo reptiles in Lakewood, OH a few years ago for $850. She is very friendly and does very well with...
  14. 7191080D-38C5-4BF9-9DE3-79A1BC19F5A0.jpeg


    Chahoua gecko
  15. My lizard

    My lizard

  16. <3


    So cute
  17. Jupiter


  18. Hunting


  19. Jupiter close up

    Jupiter close up

    :D meet Jupiter! I think he's one month old but idk He's eats mealworms and sometimes waxworms (care to tell me about diet *please?*)
  20. K

    New gecko owner

    Hi so i recently got a leopard gecko from petsmart about four days ago. they said he was a baby and gave me some feeding instructions and since then ive done a lot of research but i still have some questions. 1. he is a very pale pink and yellow color with some dark grey spots along his stomach...