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  3. Z

    Gecko humidity way to high. help plz

    How can i lower humidity in my geckos tank? I just bought a gecko yesterday, i got a tiny water bowl in there as small as i can, i also got my ac running but its at 60 to 70% n i cannot get it lowered. I live in florida where humidity is crazy high. I just got him his UTh so his temps are around...
  4. Oliver

    Mack Snow (Male)

    Without any hets or het Bell. Ideally I would like a male that is of a quality that can be bred. Can be adult or young, though if young I'd like to see photos of the parents. I would GREATLY appreciate and like to ask for (if possible) information about the gecko's parents and their...
  5. J

    New Owner, some general questions!

    Hey everbody! I just joined thing forum today, and have had my first ever reptile, a baby fancy leopard gecko from ++++++++, for about 3 days now. I've always had pets and all kinds of different types, but never a reptile and wanted to give it a try. So far I love having my gecko, Sonny. He (or...
  6. M

    Building a Vivarium

    As the title suggest, I am slowly gathering all the supplies needed for a bioactive vivarium. Obviously most if not all live plants need "grow lights", but I've noticed they can be awfully bright compared to a UVB light. My question is would/do the grow lights negatively effect the reptiles. The...
  7. M

    My New Gehyra Marginata (Up for suggestions on his name)

    Yes I am asking the community for suggestions on his name, we first thought Mahina which is Hawaiian for moon, but further research showed it as a female name so that is a no go.
  8. A

    New gecko fan and owner!

    Hey all! I've recently just gotten into gecko's. They've always been interesting for me but never really got into them...until a few months ago. I started out with a crested gecko, Keru, and have a bioactive vivarium for him. I just recently rescued a juvenile leopard gecko from someone I...
  9. S

    I am a new member to Gecko Forum and I have a concern and a confusion

    I have a 1 year old female gecko in a 18x18x18 vivarium. I have 1 fig tree, some pothos, and cork tubes. I also have a magnetic feeder for her which I feed her Replashy dusted with calcium and Vitamin D. I have a regular 60 watt bulb that I keep on for about 8 hours and then it automatically...
  10. J

    Gecko not eating, looking at reflection, tail is getting skinny!!

    My leopard gecko has just recently stopped eating her usual diet and she's been very interested in the background of the vivarium and her reflection in the glass. I considered if it was any type of impaction since I haven't seen her excrete in 3 days. Looking for help! I tried massaging her...
  11. M

    Help with feeding new gold dust day gecko

    So im new to reptile owning and i decided to get a gold dust day gecko 4 days ago. He seems to be very comfortable in his tank and fairly active. Ive managed to get him to start drinking water and eating droplets of honey. He absolutely loves honey but he wont eat anything else it seems and o...
  12. S

    Looking for Crested Gecko

    I am looking for a adult (preferably) or young Crested Gecko. I am a very good pet owned and I have owned other reptiles before. I have a wonderful set up that is nice and roomy and perfect for a Crested Gecko. I have done a lot of research on these geckos and I believe I would make an amazing...
  13. acpart

    Gecko Time: Give Them Bread and Circuses

    "Give them Bread and Circuses" --want to know what this week's Gecko Time article is about? Check it out here: Give them Bread and Circuses! - Gecko Time - Gecko Time (note: this article was written on April 1). Aliza
  14. indyana

    The Gecko Sanctuary (MA)

    There are always reptiles looking for homes via the Gecko Sanctuary. Right now, several geckos, a bearded dragon, and a ball python are searching for new homes. If you're in the Massachusetts area, please check them out! Available Animals - The Gecko Sanctuary One crested gecko in particular...
  15. Z

    Eating too much?

    I seem to have a very hungry gecko! I've had him for over 2 weeks now and he's doing greats so far! He was eating right away, didn't mind my hand inside the viv at all, and overall seems really happy. He's a very curious gecko and loves being handled. Everytime I walk into the room, he comes...
  16. N

    soon to be proud father of gold dust day gecko

    Hello, I am trying to get back into raising and breeding reptiles. I have settled into geckos, and specifically gold dust day geckos for my first attempt in awhile. I have previously owned and raised a green anole, a Leopard Gecko, and then a Bearded Dragon going into college. Since its been...
  17. K

    Over my head please help

    Hello all, I am adopting a gecko. Long story short, she is coming to live with me and my three cats this weekend. I have never ever had a gecko, lizard, snake or anything of that nature. I hope you will take pity on Fiona (and me) and give me some pointers. First off, what kind of gecko is...
  18. R

    Hello from Michigan!

    Hi, my name is Sean. I'm from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I've been lurking here for a while, but finally decided to join due to my recent interest in breeding Leopard Geckos. I've got quite a few different animals in my mini zoo: 1.1 Phelsuma laticauda 0.0.3 Phyllobates terribilis (Yellow) (Golden...
  19. L

    My leopard gecko always seems hungry

    Hi My leopard gecko always seems hungry. She is an adult, and she seems a healthy size and weight. Her tail is nice and thick, so I think I am feeding her enough. However, everytime I go near her vivarium, she jumps at the glass, standing up, and when I put my hand in she jumps at it. I've...
  20. F

    Best place for food bowl

    is there an ideal location for placing food bowl for crestie. I have a mag ledge with a vine leading to it and a plant beside it near the top... Should I move it? Should I place multiple food bowls?