1. W

    The Green Guy

    Tese guys are often overlooked
  2. W


    Green Iguana eye
  3. W

    The Green Goddess

    stunning snakes
  4. W

    Fiji Green is my favorite

  5. J

    Question about AFT..

    I've had my AFT for almost a year. He's always been fine but as of lately his poop has changed mass and color. Up until recently his poop looked normal but the past week or so possibly, it has been this chalky green color and a solid mass. Not hard, it breaks a part and has a chalky texture too...
  6. Z

    Green anole baby care

    Until now, I've had 2 baby anoles (all bred at home). The first hatched in the begin of July. I have fed him regularly, and given him water with misting. It looked like he was all OK, but after a week he suddenly died. I've been reading the forums, and found that dehydration is a common issue at...
  7. UnicornSpirit

    anole hatchling!

    So I keep my 2 anoles in a 32 gallon Oceanic Lizard Lounge. I didn't want to use the glass top so I made a custom screen lid for it. Unfortunately, carpentry isn't a strong point of mine and there are a few gaps in it... but not enough for an adult anole to escape. I have seen my anoles...